Going Back to Your Roots

  • We’re trying out something new at CCF,  storing our stock in colder temperatures. We’re doing this in an effort to keep our plants as clean as possible (in terms of pests). There’s research that suggests soft-bodied pests cannot survive long periods of cold, which is why you rarely see mealybugs ... View Post
  • So since we’re all kind of stuck at home, I thought I would share some photos of where I spend the bulk of my time.  We operate out of a space that’s roughly 1,100 square feet.  Not the biggest office, but it’s just the right size for CCF at the present.  We’re still working on setting up the lar... View Post
  • Hey everyone! Just a quick check in, I don’t like using blog posts for general check ins, but until we start listing again I’m going to put our updates here for the time being. I have been working very hard the past two weeks -- we have ordered about 450 plants just this week. We are working dili... View Post