Going Back to Your Roots

  • Hey everyone! Just a quick check in, I don’t like using blog posts for general check ins, but until we start listing again I’m going to put our updates here for the time being. I have been working very hard the past two weeks -- we have ordered about 450 plants just this week. We are working dili... View Post
  • Happy Thursday!  But, really, who's counting anymore-- social distancing has completely thrown off my perception of which day of the week it is.  I hope you are all sheltering in place and practicing extreme care.    I just wanted to kind of let everyone know where we’re at with getting things ba... View Post
  • Hello everyone,It has been a few months since the Cedar Creek Farmhouse site has been live. Thank you for your patience and please know that we have not shut down permanently.I am very sorry for the lack of communication during my absence. There has been a great deal happening with my life and fa... View Post