Please read each plant's description carefully. We do guarantee your plant will arrive healthy, but Orbiculata is a hard plant to grow and we do not offer refunds beyond three days of arrival. This plant does not qualify for our standard return policy, it's the only plant we do not guarantee. Success depends on a lot of factors.

With Orbiculata we try to set you up the best way possible to ensure a great outcome with this tricky cultivar. Your purchase will also include a little vial of Korean rooting powder and a water propagation vessel to ensure a quick drink upon arrival. We ship Oribiculata the same day it arrives with 2-day shipping. But please know that this cultivar is not for novices and can easily die without proper care. For further reading take a look at our blog post:

This category is a special hidden category on our site. You were given access to this category because you expressed interest in variegated Orbiculata. These are really hard to come by and we wanted to make sure that the people who have patiently waited for these have first dibs (we have 24 of these plants available and the email you received went to nearly 200 people). 

Again prices include shipping, Korean rooting powder and a single hole water propagation vessel (the same one used in our blog post). This category will only be open for a limited time, as availability changes frequently on these little unicorns :)

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