• Mocha Java Ground Coffee

Mocha Java Ground Coffee

Hand-packaged by Oliver Pluff & Company. 
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We have decided to add this to our Spring 2022 Clearance.

This is a good coffee, but in a few months it will be time to bring a fresh batch. Best by May 2022. To help us rotate out our stock to keep things as fresh as possible we've marked this coffee down to just over 40% off. 


Mocha Java

Popular breakfast blend. A balanced coffee blend of the wild and fruity Arabian (Yemen) Mocha beans with the more mellow Java beans from the island of Indonesia.



The world’s oldest recorded coffee blend. Mocha beans were cultivated in Yemen as the world’s first commercial coffee. As the Dutch later established commercial coffee in their new colony in Java, they added a second origin to Europe’s coffee menu. The blend of the two beans combines complementary opposite tones of coffee. 


Signature Tin: 5oz roasted ground coffee bean blend 

Sample sizes available (sample sizes do not include tin).


Select from the menu whether you prefer a full size tin or a sample size. 


Packaged in Charleston, South Carolina