• Bath Gift Set
  • Bath Gift Set
  • Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Set

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We've hand-selected some of our favorite products, arranged them in raw wooden boxes and tied our signature ribbon to finish off the look.

This mini collection features some of our favorite bath products and a hand-tied mini bundle of lavender. 

We only have a few of these sets ready for Black Friday weekend. Once these are gone we'll try to restock as time allows, but it may be a few weeks before we have more.  

Set will ship with a high quality, clear wrap over the wooden box. Due to the nature of the products inside some shifting may occur in transit. 


Set includes:

  Nash and Jones bamboo washcloth (sooo soft)

⋅  Formulary 55 Vintage Peony Soap (small batch and smells like heaven)

  Formulary 55 Sweet Pea & Clover (bath bomb cube)

⋅  Mini bundle of dried lavender (imported from France, 2022 crop)

⋅  Gorgeous raw wood box, 8" x 8" x 4"