Requests come to us by three methods:

1.) Email us at

2.) Wishlist (read about Wishlists here)

3.) And through clicking 'Click here to be notified by email when X becomes available' on the product pages.

We will start working requests again late April 2020. Requests are just that-- a request :) We cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate your request, but we will do our best to fulfill those. If we are able to find your plant it will be listed in 'Custom Requests' after it arrives, you will then be emailed and given 3 days to complete or your purchase or ask for more time. 

Collating archives is a daunting job and it's still in progress. You can see this collection of work as it is being migrated in real time at:

Special Note: We expect live sales to return to this category sometime in April 2020, please watch our homepage for more details as we get closer to reopening this category for the spring. 


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