• RESERVED- Agavoides Sp.
  • RESERVED- Agavoides Sp.

RESERVED- Agavoides Sp.

This is reserved for Dan. If you purchase this listing and you are not Rosemarie the order will be canceled. These are replacements set aside for her. I know we have a lot of people checking the site and waiting for us to get back. Thank you so much for your patience! We're still working through some customer service issues related to our relocation and we're going to take care of our gift card holders next.  Our first listing back will be for gift card holders only, but if you have a gift card and you're site stalking you are welcome to purchase this plant with your credit. 

Dan, this one is a brightly colored Agavoides hybrid. She's not symmetrical. She's a little fuller on one side, but she's still got a nice shape to her. She's measuring in at about 4" across her widest point. She's got some mature roots from the cultivating farm. 

I've included both pre-transit farm photos and our photos. Our lighting can be harsh, but right now some plants are changing a little in transit because of COVID19 delays. This one has opened up a little and has dropped some of its super gorgeous pre-transit hues, but this one will be very pretty again in the winter months, depending on your region and lighting of course. The first photo is what this one looked like at the farm a few weeks ago.

This grouping was listed on our site on 4/16/20 (our post-transit photos were taken on the same day as our listing). This plant is in house and was found to be of acceptable quality.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 090501


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