Hey guys, I know this is not professional, but I always try to be very candid with what goes on in my life with our customers because you're a huge part of my life too. Today my brother's home burnt to the ground. All of his fur babies were inside, not to mention all of his earthly possessions. 

I want to tell you a little about my brother. He and I are very close, I love him dearly and he has supported me through some of the highs and lows of my life, including losing my daughter (his niece). He's a hard worker and finally found love after years of searching for it and popped the question to his wonderful gal on Valentine's Day of this year. 

He and his fiance wanted to save for their wedding. So with my mom's help they built a one bedroom apartment out of a barn on my mother's property. They just finished it and moved in June. They had been so excited and it turned out beautifully. Since my family is made up of carpenter's and electricians they did the work without properly permitting it, so they had absolutely no insurance. They just lost everything, I mean their entire life went up in smoke this afternoon. 

He called me today while I was boxing up an order. I was in the middle of taping up the package, so I didn't answer it. My mom called four times in a row right after and I knew something was terribly wrong. 

She told me the apartment had been struck by lightning and they tried to go in and save the animals, but by the time they could get inside all of the animals had been burned alive. Firefighters are still on the scene at this time and my family needs to come together. I will be taking a short emergency leave of absence. I will not be shipping anything until I return on Monday, August 26th. 

I will set up a proper GoFundMe account for them tomorrow, but in the meantime if you would like to help you can donate here (and it's even better through the site because it's fee-free for me to give him any donations that come his way). But, I will set up a proper page for him tomorrow. Otherwise you may donate to him directly at avagabe27@gmail.com (Ryan Gabriel Fowler). 

Please keep him and his fiance Sam in your prayers this week. Those pets were like their children. 

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