• Seed Popper - Cocktail
  • Seed Popper - Cocktail

Seed Popper - Cocktail

Manufactured by Modern Sprout. 
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-Cocktail Popper-

Inspired by traditional English crackers, Seed Poppers celebrate planting with purpose. Simply twist, pop and plant! Each popper includes four seed balls (comprised of clay, coconut husk and non-GMO seeds), recyclable kraft paper confetti, and instructions.

Boozy (Botanicals) Seed Popper features seed balls containing mint, lemon basil, thyme and lavender seeds – the perfect herbs for muddling and infusing into your favorite libations.


Push seed balls ⅔ of the way in soil and space 10”–12” apart. Do not bury.

Plant in a location with full sun and after the threat of frost has passed. Keep area moist until sprouts pop. Then water as needed based on climate and weather conditions.

Increase watering frequency on hot summer days. Wait, watch and grow!

Sprouts will appear in 1–3 weeks.