• CCF Succulent Subscription (Autumn/Winter 2020)

CCF Succulent Subscription (Autumn/Winter 2020)

This is our second season with our succulent subscriptions and if you are back again to reorder this year-- thank you!!!

We do want to make you aware of some changes that we have made to our subscription program. Our first year we attempted to cross-reference any purchases you had made at our store to ensure we were not sending out any subscriptions with plants you already had in your collection. This individual cross referencing took a lot of time. This year we will not be researching individual customers accounts. Each subscription month will be a different cultivar, but we cannot guarantee that you don't already have it in your collection. 

And in order to keep things more organized this year we will only be doing assorted subscriptions this year. We may introduce a Haworthia subscription box in the near future.

The box image shown here does not necessarily reflect the look of the actual subscription box. This particular box was a special design we were thinking about incorporating for gift wrap. 



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