• Goldie Tomato Seed Pack

Goldie Tomato Seed Pack

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These seeds are packaged for the 2022 growing season.


Goldie tomatoes take shape in the sensuous days of summer. With a tender and radiant glow, inner nutritive richness, complex flavor profile, and a robust inner depth, these radiant fruits are the perfect modern-day models to represent the best of heirloom tomatoes. The plants produce substantial slicing tomatoes that only split when you slice them. Goldie is timeless and tasty: its rich yellow flesh is super sweet.

-Sturdy indeterminate vines require support. Start indoors 3-8 weeks before last frost, then transplant after last frost. Prune to 1 trunk and no more than 3 main branches for healthy, easily trellised plants. For peak eating, harvest when the fruit are just turning soft and have a deep golden orange hue.

-Days to germination: 3-10 days.

-Days to maturity: 85 days from transplant

-25 seeds

-Certified Organic

Collage by Sarah Snow. Sarah is a designer and illustrator who helped create the design of our Art Packs. She is a creator and designer for TreeoDesign in New Paltz, NY. She loves the Hudson Valley.