We are resuming in this category tonight, (Sunday, July 5th) at 9:45 PM, EST. We have 45 more listings to go and these plants will be scheduled at one minute intervals. After we finish up there we will be heading over to our premium Rare Succulents category at 10:30 PM, EST. Each plant in the Rare Succulent category will be listed with a little video so you can see each plant a little better.

If you're new to our The Good, The Bad and The Ugly sale please know that these are not our typical quality. We do this sale at a loss to clear out rares that shipped poorly, dropped color, stretched or would be good candidates for propagation. These are not premium CCF quality plants. Shipping is free on all of our plants, always. These plants will be priced from as low as a $1 up to $25. Most will be around $15. We have 95 plants for our GBU sale in total. Listing will start at 9:45 PM, EST on July 4th, 2020 and again on July 5th, 2020..