Some amazing uploads coming your way this weekend! We'll kick off Saturday night at 9:45 PM, EDT in Random Rares, again on Sunday (same time/same place), some time on Monday we'll do a The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY sale, and we'll conclude with a very special edition of MIMM at 9:45 PM, EDT. 


Free Shipping on select sizes Medium and Pumice. Codes in ad. 

25% of CCF Gift cards. Free gift on select gift card purchases. See ad. Code: GIFTCARD25

35% off Water Propagation Vessels. Code WATER35

50% off select pots (shown on this page). Code: POTS50

Weekly status report: We are still waiting on about four boxes from our Mother's Day weekend listing, but the majority of your orders shipped out this week. There are a few of you with large orders that have not shipped yet. Everything that is in-house will go out Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, we have everything sorted, pulled and organized. Everything would have went out last week, but I was worried with it being a three-day weekend that any that left past Wednesday would be at risk of sitting too long if there were any delays on the Postal Service side or if you were traveling. So, I decided it was best to wait until Tuesday to get the remaining orders out. If I haven't shipped you yet I have been planning on reaching out to you by email, I will have some time tomorrow morning to do that and will catch up with you then!