• Echeveria Melias Hybrid
  • Echeveria Melias Hybrid

Echeveria Melias Hybrid

This little hybrid reminds me so much of one I had during my first year in business called a Poeta. I have desperately looked for something similar since and have never seen it again and that was nearly three years ago. This plant has an egg shape, not dissimilar to a Greenovia and her petals are edged in the most delicate little ruffles. This one is whisper pink and shipped well. I did keep one of these for myself, I just couldn't help it. I don't know if we'll see this hybrid again, this one was a treat for me. They are small, this one measures in at about 1.5" across. Mature roots from the cultivating farm with at least a fresh root or two mixing in. 

Farm photos show the actual plant you are purchasing pre-transit. In-house photos were taken today, Monday, June 1st, 2020.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 092106 (you will find this number on your ID stake shipped with your plant, you can type the above item # in our search bar at any time to review the original grower photos and item description).   

This plant is in house, has been checked for quality and is ready to be shipped. This plant came out of our Cold Stock Room and colors may be a result of cold stress and they may change. You must allow time for your plant to acclimate to room temperatures before moving her outside to full sun/heat.

Please make sure you truly want this plant before you checkout, we do not allow order cancellations due to a very demanding shipping schedule.  We do however offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase this plant and she doesn't strike your fancy we will issue you a complimentary return label and store credit for the purchase price.

We ship Tuesday through Thursday for a Saturday delivery. If you would like a water propagation vessel those can be added on the checkout page. Single hole water propagation vessels are available with free shipping on outgoing orders.   



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