• Lava Clay Mask
  • Lava Clay Mask

Lava Clay Mask

Crafted in small batches by Nash + Jones. 

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Lava Clay Mask

Best for normal to oily skin types. Rhassoul clay is formed from volcanic activity and geothermal processes. This clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Rhassoul clay is rich in organic magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium and silica. The word 'Rhassoul' means to become washed and this clay is a renowned for its ability to deep clean and nourish skin. 

Clays are negatively charged and when activated with water are able to attract and absorb skin's positively charged impurities like a magnet. 

1.4 ounces


Pour out a small amount of powder clay and use the included wooden spoon to mix clay with a small amount of warm water in a non-metal bowl. Fully mix to a thick soupy texture, without lumps, and apply to face with fingers, back of spoon, or hake brush (avoiding eyes and mouth).  Let dry up to 5 minutes.  Avoid letting it dry completely (this will dry out skin). Rinse with warm water and hydrate. Follow clay mask treatment with our Seed Facial Serum to rejuvenate freshly cleansed pores.