Some of you guys follow me on Instagram and already know about this, but this is an explanation for those who might have missed it. Last night you did not get a text or an email regarding Make it Mine Monday and I was late getting started. I am very sorry about this. This is a business that I take very seriously and I want you to know that I value and respect your time and visits, however this is a small business and sometimes things happen.

Typically our Make It Mine Monday uploads start at 9:00 PM, EST sharp, but last night I hit a snag with my starting time. I value you and your privacy and I did not want to send out any ads at the hour those uploads went live. I know a lot of you are East Coast shoppers and it was about 10:00 PM before those listings went up.

But, I feel that I owe my list something, so I wanted to save off a few of the presale items just for you guys. This link has not been advertised anywhere -- heck, it's not even accessible from our home page. So, grab a glass of wine and enjoy a low-key evening of shopping. There's only going to be about 20 listed tonight, but I hope you like the selections that I have set aside for you and if this goes well we might start doing a secret shopping session just for you guys every week. 

I know my page is still small, but your support has been tremendous in helping me grow this business. I know most of you by first name via our social media channels and it's just such a great community to be apart of. I can't always offer discounts, otherwise it would be hard to continue to grow, but tonight I want to extend an offer of 10% off to say 'thanks.' The code for that is MAKELEMONADE10 and as always presales ship for free. 

Thank you again - Crystal