Congrats again on winning access to shop our presale early! I'm getting a late start today -- so please forgive me. I'm uploading products now, they are all going to say 'sold out' just in case someone finds this link somehow -- my site stalkers are creative, lol. So, I'm uploading 46. CaffienatedGardener gets first dibs, followed by Cat.Crackers. I'm uploading now, but this process takes a while. All the pictures and names will go up first, followed by handwritten descriptions later. You do not have to wait for the description to make your pick. I will need your selection by no later than 8:30 PM, EST. Otherwise you will be issued store credit. I'm sorry, I know this does not give you a lot of time, that was not my intention at all, my daughter was home from school today because of the Federal Holiday and it has been chaos. You are limited to just picking one, I'm sorry, I know this succs (haha, get it, hooray for puns!) I like to keep the site fun and to do this I have to jealousy guard the first come/first serve policy. I hope you understand, but the one you pick is on the house for my giveaway winners! 

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