We'll be hosting our first ever Private Gift Card Holder Sale starting at 9:45 PM, EST on Sunday, May 24th, 2020. This sale is exclusively for gift card holders. I wanted to say I'm sorry about how our relocation affected our customers. Purchases tonight do not need to use your gift card balance, and you may shop with us all evening.  Text CCFGIFTCARD to 555-888 to receive a reminder around 9:30 PM, EST tonight.

We'll start with 65 GBUs (but more 'Good' than our usual GBU!). Shipping is always free on plants, and no GBU is listed above $25. After those, we will list freshly stocked beautiful plants until we run out of time. I have 25 beauties picked out especially for this!

If you have an active gift card remaining after this sale, or don't see a cultivar you're in search of, remember you can always make use of our special request service. See our newly updated instructions here.

You can find our upcoming upload schedule on our blog. Our next live listing is Monday, May 25th for the general public at 9:45 PM, EST, that will be hosted under our Random Rares category. Fresh pots are coming to the site in the near future. Keep an eye out!