• SALE! Echeveria Blue Metal, Variegata

SALE! Echeveria Blue Metal, Variegata

This is our last one before the Just Cart. I wanted to share a sale unicorn with you guys. Please know variegation can revert and it is unstable in Blue Metal. This rosette is nice, but has some damage from the cultivating farm present.

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Post transit quality, thirsty, some blemishes

Size: 3" across

Rooted? Fresh roots starting to form

Photos and Videos taken on: 2.14.22

Grade: 5-6

Retail Price (if perfect): We retail this cultivar at about $100, depending on size, quality and availability 

Our photos and videos were taken today, February 14th, 2022. Plants shown may be exhibiting winter stress coloration. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 02142223 (you will find this number on the ID stake shipped with your plant. You can type the ID # in our search bar at any time to review the our original photos and item description).  

Sorry, currently out of stock

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