• SALE! Echeveria Cream Tea
  • SALE! Echeveria Cream Tea

SALE! Echeveria Cream Tea

This will probably be our last one this evening (I have to switch over to placing new orders tonight), I will try to have more listed in this category tomorrow evening. I don't send out text alerts for this category because I work these as I find time, but if you're on the BFF list I will let you know anytime we get more than five posted at once.

This Cream Tea is still beautiful, but she pulled a mature leaf on the trip over and is highly asymmetrical now. Consumption seems to be confined to one additional leaf, beyond that she should stop.  

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Asymmetry.

Size: About 3" across.

Rooted? Sparse bare roots from the grower.

Photos taken on: 10.5.19

Grade: 6 (highly asymmetrical)

Retail Price (if perfect): about $25-$30 for a single, depending on season/cultivating farm. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 074212

We inspect and grade our sale succulents on a 10-point scale (10 being of the highest sale quality and 1 being good for propagation use only. We try to be objective and honest about how we rate the succulents listed here. We want to keep this category a relatively high end offering still (anything that falls below a 5 will be listed on our next The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale). 

Sale plants are eligible for our standard store credit return policy.

We do not allow cancellations, please be sure of your purchases before you checkout :) 


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