• SALE! Echeveria Raon
  • SALE! Echeveria Raon

SALE! Echeveria Raon

Raons are one of my favorite cultivars. They grow very fast, they stay a pretty pink and they are uber chubby. The problem with them is they are not always easy to find, they have a tendency to drop a lot of leaves during importation and they don't like to be boxed in warm weather. 

This one dropped a lot of leaves when we imported her in September. She is coming back strong though and she's looking good enough now to list in the sale section. I know a lot of people are looking for this one, we are trying to grow some of these in house now. They are super easy to leaf propagate. You will want to protect this one from extreme cold, they have a tendency to freeze rot because of how much water they store. 

This one has two main heads and two pups (they pups should grow rather fast) and this is a larger breed for rares, most of these reach about 4-5" at maturity.  

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Shipped poorly/recovering.

Size: About 3.5" across her widest point.

Rooted? Adequate amount of fresh root starts.

Photos taken on: 10.22.19

Grade: 8

Retail Price (if perfect): with perfect importation about $35 for a Raon this size, if you can find them.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 069901

We inspect and grade our sale succulents on a 10-point scale (10 being of the highest sale quality and 1 being good for propagation use only. We try to be objective and honest about how we rate the succulents listed here. We want to keep this category a relatively high end offering still (anything that falls below a 5 will be listed on our next The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale). 

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