Sale Archives-- A Look Back at 2019

This is an archive of all of our Sale Succulent listings that were listed in 2019. This is a newer category, added in late 2019. These plants didn't really warrant placement in our GBU, so this category gets updated periodically as slightly blemished succulents come in. As of late Autumn 2019 all products in all categories are now being offered as in-stocks (no presales). 

Collating archives is a daunting job and it's still in progress. You can see this collection of work as it is being migrated in real time at:

Special Note: We expect live sales to return to this category sometime in April 2020, please watch our homepage for more details as we get closer to reopening this category for the spring. 

And this just a placeholder listing for the link to our Archives, 'purchasing' this listing only adds to our paperwork, there is no product associated with this page, it's simply here to give you a link to our Archives.