• SPECIAL!JUST CART!! Small Set- Pot + Plants + Soil

SPECIAL!JUST CART!! Small Set- Pot + Plants + Soil

Alrighty guys. Last listing of the first upload of 2022... that's a mouthful! I appreciate you guys! And if you missed our chat please join us next week! We had fun chatting tonight! If this was your first time on you can always chat with us live in Community this link during the upload. I love chatting with you guys while I'm at work <3 I do hold each of the plants in my hands and I measure them in real time and do my best to describe them in person as we go. That's why there's a few minutes between each listing (so thank you for your patience!). 

We'll most likely be back next week with loads more, but we are sorting requests and we may be super busy getting those caught up next week. We'll do our best to do Requests and an upload. 

I've really enjoyed visiting with you tonight! I hope you enjoyed the upload as well! Our last listing is our traditional 'Just Cart' listing. It's only $1, but you do have to pay shipping if it's your only purchase of the evening. 

Thank you again so much for joining us!

This Set includes the following:

⋅ Pachyphytum var Glaucum

⋅ Echeveria Sp.

⋅ E. Agavoides Casio (pup)

⋅ Crassula Moonglow, Variegata (cutting)

This listing is for the plants/cuttings shown, one handmade Korean planter and a small bag of inorganic medium (just enough to fill the included pot). Some of these plants are cuttings and clippings, because of their small size we do not guarantee health of any of the plants/cuttings that are included in these sets. Some plants may need to be rooted. As the plants mature they will need to be repotted. Our photos were shot on January 13th, 2022 . As stated the pot is included, but if you would like to only purchase the pot only then you can do so at this link.


Mini and Small Arrangement Pricing as of 2022:

Mini Pots with a single rosette measuring 1.5-2' across: $25

Mini Pots 2-4 cuttings: $30

Small Pots (bigger and requires more mature plants/cuttings to fill): $35


Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 1152261 (you will find this number on the ID stake shipped with your plant. You can type the ID # in our search bar at any time to review the our original photos and item description).  



Sorry, currently out of stock

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