Guys, I worked for about 45 hours in a row putting together Black Friday. I was so very exhausted today that I just needed sleep. Everyone else is out of the office, so as the country colloquialism goes... there's ain't nobody but us chickens left. I had planned to have a special mini The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale and restock the site, but sleep was needed. I will try to get those on board tomorrow for you.

But... I haven't forgotten about Small Business Saturday. Good customer service and small business values are something we hold very near and dear to our hearts. 

For today's special we are featuring one farm in particular, another small business. This farm has made a name for itself by producing their very own hybrids. They have spent years stabilizing their breeds to make sure of quality and these plants are on their way to earning a real classification, but right now the only place to get these particular plants is from this one farm. They are original hybrids that aren't available anywhere else in the world. Truly exclusive little plants. The prices are somewhat high, but that is because of the very high quality and attention to detail this farm takes in ensuring these hybrids remain stable and tested before being released.  

And as an added bonus if you purchase from this category you are getting a free gift. 

If you spend less than $50 use code: SBS50 and add your choice of gift, a concrete planter or a two-hole water propagation vessel. 

If you spend less than $100, but more than $50 use code: SBS100 and add your choice of a gift, two gallons of soil (backordered, but will ship as soon as it arrives, free shipping) or glass ornament for showcasing your favorite succulents all through the holiday season. 

If you spend more than $100 from this category you can get all four gifts mentioned. Select your picks and add code: SBS101

Since we are getting a late start we will keep this category open through midnight tomorrow.