Kiddos in bed yet? Good, now is the time to raid the candy bucket for Reese Peanut Butter cups. My daughter is cut from the same cloth as her mom, she actually inventoried all of the good stuff... eyeroll. We'll see about that. 

Tonight's sale is 20 listings for $20 each (some great stuff too!). So don't miss it! The sale items will likely sell out and what doesn't sell out will be removed in the morning. We're going to start at 10:30 PM, EDT tonight. If you want a text as this special sale goes live text 555-888 with the keyword CCFSPOOKYSALE

And while you wait check out Random Rares. I was uploading to that category until nearly 3:30 AM local time last night. Lots of new stuff went up. 

Super cool photo credit to @grantstoomuchbootyintheplants on IG. Thanks, Grant for letting us use this photo! 

General announcements about shipping status this week:

Today I got up at 8:00 am and worked with our full time staffer until 5:30 PM on 3-day customers. All but two orders that were supposed to go out today did. I will email you both in the morning, we simply ran out of time today. But, if you are one of those two customers rest assured these two packages will now be sent overnight and you will still get them by Saturday this week. 

I don't know if you're are 3-day unless you have emailed me. So please email me if you know you're a 3-day transit time customer. We are keeping a list of who ships when now to ensure that nothing is stored in a cold place over the winter months. All you have to do is email: with 3-Day in the subject line and I will make a note of it at the Farmhouse. 

We do still have a ton of 2-day customers shipping tomorrow, so if you don't have your tracking yet we haven't forgotten about you and will be shipping all day tomorrow as well. 

I have not gotten around to processing our refunds this week, but I will also take care of those in the morning. Sorry guys, we've been absolutely slammed. Our full time gal is coming up to speed though and we are getting a lot accomplished with two of us working full time. 

Alrighty guys, see you back in about an hour with some super fun stuff that is sweeter than candy. 



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