It's finally here, guys! Thank you so much for being so incredibly patient with me. We'll kick off at 9:45 PM, EDT this evening.

Ground rules- please know these are not perfect plants. They may be dehydrated, asymmetrical, or not true to type. Please read all descriptions before purchasing anything as we do not allow for cancellations. 

That said, if you purchase anything from tonight's sale that does not survive 30 days drop me a line and we'd be happy to issue you store credit for your purchase. 

Fun stuff- we're listing 50 plants tonight, including three special Just Carts. You must read the full description of the Just Cart to get those listings for $1, I will not be refunding accidental Just Cart purchases this evening. 

And we will do this again on next Sunday. So, please join us again same time, same place next week :)

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