Tina Yauw- Order #6863, #6868, #6871, #6875, #6880

Hey Tina- 

This is a special page that only you can see. I want to work through these orders one by one to make sure you like them and that there is no confusion. I will send email instructions. On the ones you approve I will mark them as sold out as we go.

This page will cover Orders #6863, #6868, #6871, #6885, #6880

These Orders contained:

#6863 E. Ebony Sp.-- Original plant had a rough time last month, are you OK with the replacement shown here? It's a new Agavoides cultivar that came out in July called an Amethyst. I have a wait list for these, but I wouldn't mind upgrading your original order to one of these, they're about $10 more than the original Agavoides you ordered. 

#6868 E. Honey Pink-- Throwing pretty stress colors, original is shown here and is ready to ship. (Ready to Ship)

#6871 E. Blue Metal-- Did not make it through August :( I could refund or sub out with a pretty variegated Monocerotis, if you would like. (Needs a refund or Replacement)

#6875 E. Patricia-- The original plant opened significantly and does not look pretty and egg-shaped like the photos. I have a pretty replacement set aside for you if you would like to take this I will send you that and the original plant as a gift. (Needs a refund or Replacement) Replacement is ready to ship if you like that option.

#6880 E. Sirius-- Did not make it through August :( (Paid $35) I only have one Agavoides hybrid on the way that is similar. It would be an even exchange if you like it.  

So, if you are OK with the replacements shown here I will include another gift I think you would enjoy to say I'm sorry. Along with a $50 store credit for your patience.