Tina's Echeveria Keys- (NEEDS REPLACEMENT)

Tina- your Keys didn't make it in August while I was gone. I'm so very sorry. I do have some stunning Keys on the way. This is your original listing for your reference, I am keeping it here so you can see the different shades these throw. Right now they are a rich mulberry color. The next listings is a replacement option. I would highly suggest this one if you are willing to be patient with me, if you would like to cancel I understand that too. This replacement would obviously be even an exchange, but I think they are a little more clustered and the colors are rich, warm fall hues.

Original description:  I LOVE THIS CULTIVAR. These are pretty new and they've been shipping just gorgeous. These remind me a bit of those Marilyns we had about this time last year, these are gorgeous guys. I ordered every one I could get my hands on this week. I love yellow contrasted against purple, just so beautiful. Anyway, there's four available tonight, if you've thought about this one in the past just cart it. Trust me. These are measuring in at about 2-2.5" across. 

The photos for these plants were taken in May of 2019. 



Sorry, currently out of stock

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