• About Tonight... 5.31.19

About Tonight... 5.31.19

Hey guys! So I was absolutely wiped out today. Every night this week my head hit the pillow no earlier than 5:00 am, except last night and when I finally slept-- boy did I crash. And please know I don't have a day job, this is a very time intensive thing that I do here. I work about 95 hours a week, most weeks. I did not have time to do the emails I wanted to do before this upload tonight. I will get to them first thing tomorrow, I promise. There's about eight of you with large orders that need an email from me, and I will do it before I even grab coffee tomorrow. I'm sorry if you are one of these eight customers. 

Someone who will remain nameless sent me a get well bear today. You guys are incredible! I love you all so much. Knee is totally normal now, my husband told me after the fact that he had thought I might lose my leg, he was already thinking of names to call me. He said he floated 'Peg Leg Crystal, the Succulent Lady' for a while. Thank goodness it didn't come to that. The antibiotics did their thing and I am so thankful. 

Exciting news for this week! Everything up until Sunday will arrive tomorrow, so we'll be shipping out orders this upcoming week with about a week turn time. Everything is coming in really nicely, with the exception of a couple of divas everything looks amazing. 

We've got a great upload for you tonight! Bear with me, I'm live tonight, so I'll get these up as quickly as I can. I think I counted 40 individual listings, but there's about 100 plants available in total. Should be a fun upload. 

Plants coming up next :) -Crystal 


***PLEASE NOTE! Our succulents sell out very, very quickly. If you are a new customer and are unfamiliar with how our site works you must you checkout for your purchases as you go, otherwise you risk losing your items if someone else checks out first. A lot of these plants are very, very are or one of a kind so it's first come, first serve. 

Please note this is a placeholder image and is meant to convey news only, there is no product for sale here. If you place an order for this placeholder it will be cancelled and you will be refunded. 



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