• About Tonight... 6.2.19

About Tonight... 6.2.19

We've been fighting technical stuff all day, so there won't be an upload tonight. If you got my text you'll know that our site was down for about five hours. For a large part of the day I couldn't even get into my admin screen to pull our orders for the week for shipping, so I'm going to be working late into this evening to make up that ground on fulfillment. It was all on the hosting side, they had a server go down I think, it's been a mess. I was on the phone with them today for 45 minutes and I know it affected every single one of their customers.

I have snuck in a few plants just as I could this evening after we came back up. I will try to continue to do that at random intervals tonight. The goal is to keep at least a dozen plants available on the home page at all times, so I am trying to keep a watch on that.

If you have requested plants please check our Custom Requests page. I have been working as time allows in there as well. I will keep on that later this week. 

And if you missed the text we have a fun new blog post up as of yesterday. 

We'll probably post again in this section after MIMM tomorrow. I just need to make sure we're prepared for shipping this week. 



***PLEASE NOTE! Our succulents sell out very, very quickly. If you are a new customer and are unfamiliar with how our site works you must you checkout for your purchases as you go, otherwise you risk losing your items if someone else checks out first. A lot of these plants are very, very are or one of a kind so it's first come, first serve. 

Please note this is a placeholder image and is meant to convey news only, there is no product for sale here. If you place an order for this placeholder it will be cancelled and you will be refunded. 



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