• Upload Details for Saturday, June 25th, 2022

Upload Details for Saturday, June 25th, 2022

Tonight's Upload
We'll have about 25 Haworthias (and a special Just Cart for our Community members).
We'll get started at about 9:45 PM, EDT. 
We'll have another small upload on next Saturday evening. 
Schedule for the remainder of our Late Spring/Early Summer 2022 Season:
July 2nd, 2022- One more small upload of perfect plants. Upload will start at 9:45 PM, EDT
July 4th, 2022- Our big annual sale upload-- help us clear off the racks as we close out the season. This upload will start at 9:45 PM, EDT.
Non-living retail site-wide sale will start on July 1st and run through the 4th. Everything but plants will be 35% off. This is an excellent time to stock up on pots, soil and anything else your heart desires. We'll do our annual end of season gift card promo as well. We will also be introducing some new perfumes from Olivine Atelier, restocking everyone's favorite candle Botanica's Teahupo’o and restocking some beloved ceramic planter colors. This will be our last sitewide sale (and live upload) until autumn. 

Please do not purchase this 'item' this is simply a placeholder to convey news about this category. If you have heard about our freebies, that is something we do at the end of our live listings, this is just a placeholder and if you 'order' this announcement it only creates paperwork for us and the order will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding!  Click here for important upload announcements and information on how to purchase from us if you're new.