• Announcements for May 16th

Announcements for May 16th

Thank you so much for participating on last night's upload! We have custom software in place to help us during the live uploads and we were really struggling with it last night. I am so sorry! Last month our website provider made a big transition and that required us to rewrite a lot of our custom code and we're still working through some of the linger issues around those changes. The past few weeks we've been struggling with it. Please accept my apologies for last night. We've been working on it since the early morning hours and I believe we have one of our biggest bugs fixed now.

We do our sneak previews when we have products left over from Saturday night's upload (as a way of offsetting shipping charges for anyone who has a package scheduled to go out soon). Once we get all of the bugs worked out of our live listing software our goal is to have our listings much faster and at that point we may discontinue our Sneak Preview (because we may not have left overs once the uploads are faster). We'll see moving forward, I do want to help everyone offset and combine ship as much as I can because I can appreciate our shipping charges are new.

You will have an opportunity to shop before anyone else and any unsold plants will go live to our site this evening at 9:45 PM. 

My sincere goal is to have the remainder of the upload load all at once for you guys, but these uploads are detailed and take time. There may be times when I'm still working live. 


Please do not purchase this 'item' this is simply a placeholder to convey news about this category. If you have heard about our freebies, that is something we do at the end of our live listings, this is just a placeholder and if you 'order' this announcement it only creates paperwork for us and the order will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding!