• Black Friday Announcements

Black Friday Announcements

Hey guys! We have been working around the clock for nearly three weeks and it’s finally time to show you what we have put together for you! I am actually out of town and out of the office, so I am working with different internet and a different set up. The plan was to schedule the listings this year, but with nearly 1,500 plants arriving over the past week there was just no time. I had to take handwritten notes on every single one in order to properly describe them. So I am live and in person for the next 24 hours. 

So please be patient with me over our live Black Friday listings. I just arrived at my dad's about 30 minutes ago and set up a new family member, Holly is adorable (and very sleepy)! I will post photos on the blog this weekend. I may be about 20 minutes late on our first listing as I change out the home page add the discount code and get the Black Friday category up and running. 

This year all plants are in stock and have been checked over meticulously for quality. Please read each description as our notes regarding size, color and form are located in each listing.

Remember!!! You must use our coupon code to get 35% off, CCFBLACKFRIDAY we don't do this to be mean or unfair, but there will be a lot of orders this weekend and price adjusting is a nightmare. Please try to remember to use our code :)

If you are new or it’s been a minute we always offer free shipping and heat packs. You may add a heat pack at any time. As long as your address has at least one order with a heat we’ll see it when it’s time to fulfill.

Heat packs can be found at the bottom of your checkout screen. You do not need to email us if you need a heat pack. You can order them with or without plants, so if you forget all you have to do is do a new order with a heat pack and we'll see it. We will check your forecast on the day of shipping to make sure you need it. So, better to be cautious if you think you might need one, someone will physically check your forecast then. 

These plants will likely go fast and you must checkout as you go, carting does not reserve your purchase (only a successful checkout).

Entire site is 35% off today with the code. We’ll post some great deals on the home page for you tomorrow morning too. Fun stuff coming up right through Cyber Monday.

We will have a new plant every couple of minutes until Midnight.

Plants were received this week and are freshly imported and beautiful. It will take us 5-10 days to ship Black Friday orders this year.

If you would like a text as we release our daily special deals through Monday text CCFBLACKFRIDAY to 555-888.

We sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of stuff to be thankful for. Looking forward to the holidays with you!


Please do not purchase this 'item' this is simply a placeholder to convey news about this category. If you have heard about our freebies, that is something we do at the end of our live listings, this is just a placeholder and if you 'order' this announcement it only creates paperwork for us and the order will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding!