• (BY REQUEST), PRESALE Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegata, (Very Light Variegation)
  • (BY REQUEST), PRESALE Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegata, (Very Light Variegation)

(BY REQUEST), PRESALE Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegata, (Very Light Variegation)

If you have received an email from us regarding these variegated Orbiculatas thank you for your patience! We have a list of about 200 people that have expressed interest in these little unicorns and we only have about 20 of these to go around. These are presale plants, your order will ship within about two weeks of your order date. We ship Orbiculata the same day the come in. 

Disclaimer on Variegated Orbiculata:

We do not offer refunds on this cultivar after a healthy arrival. You have three days to let us know after it arrives if you have any issues, beyond that these are non-refundable. This is a tricky cultivar and isn't meant for novices. If you would like additional reading material click here

Purchase Price Includes:

Water Propagation Vessel (absolutely imperative for plumbing these guys back up after transit. These like more water than your average rare, but they hate humidity). You can see the vessels we use in the aforementioned blog post. 

Special Korean Rooting Powder for this species-- if you ever want to try to do a cutting later on or would like to encourage additional root growth mix this with water to form a paste and apply where you would like to see roots.

Two-Day Shipping-- we will ship these out the same day they arrive for the best possible transition. 

About this Exact Plant:

This is our lowest priced variegated Orbiculata option. She is only showing variegation on one of her leaves and it's possible that she will lose it while she's settling in, but she will always carry the variegated gene. It's very possible that she will start putting out variegated offsets as she matures, but right now she's not showing a lot of variegation. She's measuring in at about 2" across.  Rooted (root density will vary, but this is not a cutting).  

This Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegata was listed on our site on 9/17/19. Transit times are about two weeks, barring any delays with Customs. This category will close on Saturday.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 091568660467

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