• HAPPY 4TH of JULY! 25% OFF! Cedar Creek Farmhouse eGift Card *Please Read Disclaimer Before Purchasing

HAPPY 4TH of JULY! 25% OFF! Cedar Creek Farmhouse eGift Card *Please Read Disclaimer Before Purchasing

Gift Card Promotion Disclaimer

-We have two events a year where we allow our customers to use a promo code to purchase gift cards for a future purchase; our end of the season 4th of July weekend and Black Friday weekend. Our next gift card promo will not be until Black Friday. For the 4th of July gift cards are 25% percent off, i.e.  you can purchase a $100 CCF gift card for $75. Gift cards can be used for any purchase on CCF, with the exception of purchasing another gift card. Gift cards are combinable with any active promo codes, free shipping, etc. and never expire.

-Gift cards are issued manually from our backend, gift card purchases made this weekend will not be fulfilled until Wednesday of next week (it takes time to issue the gift cards and they have to be value adjusted to accommodate the selected gift card amount since they are on promo. We will process each gift card order in the order they were received on Wednesday evening, after we finish our shipping for the week). This means if you purchase a gift card today it will not apply to purchases you make this weekend.

-You may not use a gift card to purchase another gift card. If you attempt to order a gift card with a gift card your order will go through, but will automatically cancel within 24 hours and the order will be refunded back to the original gift card.

-Please be aware of our upload schedule before purchasing your gift card. We are ending our late spring season uploads within the next two weeks (we may continue to have small Saturday uploads or incorporate Haworthias onto the site, but there are no definitively scheduled uploads. Upload availability will depend on shipment quality and availability, both of which gets more difficult as the heat sets in). We will be back in late September with our weekly upload schedule, barring any COVID19 transportation difficulties.

-We cannot price adjust this weekend’s purchases made without a gift card to a gift card next week. If you have an existing gift card you are welcome to use it, but we cannot refund your original form of payment for purchases made this weekend and then charge a newly issued gift card next week.

-If you purchase a gift card it does not mean that we can automatically fulfill any Custom Request you have, are you welcome to use your gift card on Custom Requests in the future, but our ability to source the plants you are looking for depends on availability, season and current transit times.

-We cannot issue refunds for gift cards, all gift card sales are final. This is standard practice across almost all major retailers.

-Our gift cards are digital and you must be comfortable entering a code at the checkout screen in order use the value of your gift card on our site.


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