• Echeveria Spp, Variegata
  • Echeveria Spp, Variegata

Echeveria Spp, Variegata

Up next is a very, very special one for the collectors -- but who am I kidding if you're staying on for this late upload we're all collectors, lol! I had bought her to go into my personal collection, but I've been so slammed the past two weeks that I haven't been getting enough farm orders sent in to our growers, so this upload is a little light on quantity tonight (don't fret, we have a full 20 rares to offer up tonight). That said, I've decided to offer up one I had purchased for me, knowing that I will not be able to get back in. 

So this one is a variegated hybrid that is very 'white.' I cannot describe her shape, expect she kind of looks like a full flower of some kind, not exactly an open Chrysanthemum, but not far from it. She almost has a Fuji feel to her, but not enough to speculate she's a cross. She's just really interesting. She was extremely pricey and one of a kind. She's got dark olive veining in some of her leaves, center growth is nearly albino. She's definitely a unique specimen and it won't hurt my feelings if she doesn't sell, lol! She measures in at just about 2.5" and plenty of roots.  


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