• 'Good Bug' Seed Pack
  • 'Good Bug' Seed Pack

'Good Bug' Seed Pack

Exclusively by Hudson Valley Seed Co. 
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Sow this beneficial mix of annuals in the spring. There's always more to do in the garden than we can do alone, so why not invite some little friends to help out?

The flowers in this mix are a favorite of the green lacewing. Plant these and the lacewings will reward your generosity by laying eggs in your garden. Their eggs will hatch into "aphid lions," their larval stage, which will voraciously devour insect pests.

Get to know and love the good bugs in your garden by providing nectar and habitat for them to thrive. 

Contains: Indian Blanket, Dahlia Zinnia, Tall Blue Cornflower, Scarlet Flax, Sweet Alyssum, German Chamomile, Bright Lights Cosmos and Persian Carpet Zinnia. 

-All annual flowers. Broadcast and rake in lightly in spring after last frost, then keep watered until germination. Thin to about a 12" spacing–wider for bushier plants, tighter for a dense mix of blooms.

-Days to germination: varies on the cultivar. Days to maturity: about 75 days. 

-500 seeds (fills a 3'x10' flower bed)

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Christy Rupp. This densely patterned collage uses a vintage William Morris wallpaper print, entomological illustrations of green lacewings, and a diagram of a flower to celebrate historical flowers and beneficial insects.