• Handmade Korean Vessel, (Random)
  • Handmade Korean Vessel, (Random)

Handmade Korean Vessel, (Random)

These pots are scheduled to be in next week, however they have not yet made it in at the time of this listing. There is a chance these will ship out with other Black Friday orders, but there's also a chance they may be delayed by up to a week.   

Korea vessels are different than US ones, they are designed specifically with succulents in mind. These pots feature large drainage holes to allow for adequate and fast drainage and they almost always have feet to ensure proper airflow to the bottom of the pot. They are heavy duty and we've never had one break in transit.

We have three of these pots available. Small imperfections are characteristic of handmade items and should only add to their charm. These vessels are measuring in at about 4" across. 

For this collection's debut we have decided to offer free shipping. You may also stack that with our Black Friday promo code CCFBLACKFRIDAY. Starting on Tuesday, December 3rd there will be a charge a flat rate for our pots of $12.95 on new orders, but you may order as many as you wish in a single order under that flat shipping rate. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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