• Pachyveria Pachypyhtoides f. Variegata

Pachyveria Pachypyhtoides f. Variegata

This Friday we are offering four different cultivars on our spotlight. We hope you enjoy them! These photos were taken on Friday, October 18th, 2019.

Pachyveria Pachyphytoides was originally named by Louis de Smet in his 1874. Louis described these as a hybrid cross of Pachyphytum Bracteosum and Echeveria Metallica.

This is the traditional coloration you see with these. You don't see these listed in a lot of shops for a few reasons-- they're super scarce, they're not the easiest plant to photograph (the colors always wash out) and they don't always import well (you generally see a lot of stretching with this cultivar).

These imported well, but they are not perfectly symmetrical, some have pulled a leaf or two during their travels. But minimal (if any stretching) and minimal leaf consumption. Despite our rough photos these are a very pretty succulent in person. 

And although not super visible to the eye, the way these photograph you are seeing a lot of water spots. Again, in person very hard to see and not something we felt would benefit the plant in the end to clean off, you'd just lose some of that creamy farina. 

We are allowing you to pick which one of these you would like. This particular Pachyphytoides is measuring in at 4" across the double and shipped well, fairly symmetrical. Sparse bare roots. 


Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 076008


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