• Panther Edamame Soybean Seed Pack
  • Panther Edamame Soybean Seed Pack

Panther Edamame Soybean Seed Pack

Exclusively by Hudson Valley Seed Co. 
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These seeds are packaged for the 2022 growing season.


This soybean has been adapted for the Northeast US. 

The elusive black panther, a rarity in the wilds of Asia, has reportedly extended its territory to Upstate New York. Its existence was confirmed at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture by fearless farmer Jack Algiere. It was Jack, in fact, who kept this rare breed alive; it had disappeared from the wilds of the seed trade. He gifted a few precious specimens to Hudson Valley Seed Co. in 2010, and now it’s your chance to give Panther a home in your own garden sanctuary.

-Sow after frost, once soil has warmed, spaced at 6-12". Plants grow about 30-36" in height. Harvest the entire crop at once, when you see the first hint of yellow in the pods. Steam the whole batch and freeze any extra, shelled or left in the pod to shell after defrosted.

-Days to germination: 5-10 days. Days to maturity: 100 days from transplant.

-50 seeds

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Jessica McGuirl. Jessica is an illustrator obsessed with food, travel, and patterns. She spends her days in her Providence, Rhode Island studio. She enjoys creating art that is cute, funky and that has a sense of humor.