• SALE! Purple Peacock Broccoli Seed Pack
  • SALE! Purple Peacock Broccoli Seed Pack

SALE! Purple Peacock Broccoli Seed Pack

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They will still grow, but aren't as fresh as they were last year. We have marked these down to 75% off.


Not only does this variety stand out for its unique medium-sized, purple-hued florets, but its bright-purple-veined leaves are just as good for eating. They're tender and sweet and can be used like kale. Purple Peacock is heat tolerant as well.

-Start indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost, then transplant when plants have 2 sets of true leaves. For fall harvesting, start indoors 10-12 weeks before first frost. Spring and summer plants will benefit from protection from flea beetle, row cover works great. Uncover when plants are big and before the heads start to form. Broccoli prefers well drained, fertile soil and regular watering. All parts of Purple Peacock are edible and sweet: the heads, leaves and side shoots. 

-Days to germination: 3-10 days. Days to maturity: 70 days.

-100 seeds

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Hollie Shortino. Her intricate painting is a fanciful celebration of this showy broccoli.