• SALE! Purple Tomatillo Seed Pack
  • SALE! Purple Tomatillo Seed Pack

SALE! Purple Tomatillo Seed Pack

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They will still grow, but aren't as fresh as they were last year. We have marked these down to 75% off.


Tomatillos are a force of a nature. They grow like weeds into lush plants the size of small trees and yield huge quantities of fruit that, in the right hands, can be turned into spectacularly delicious sauces and salsas. They self-sow readily, tolerate too much water and too little, and attract the eye with their shiny leaves and ornament-like husked fruit. The purple hue of this variety makes for a show-stopping salsa.

-Start tomatillos 6 weeks before last frost. Transplant outdoors after threat of frost has passed. Tomatillos can be staked to make them easier to handle and take up less space in the garden. A simple 4' wooden stake or 4' section of 1" conduit will suffice per plant. (If growing several plants, stake with a basket weave as you would tomatoes.) Simply tie the stalk to the stake as the plant grows every 6". Harvest fruits when they have filled out the husk. To use, remove the husks and rinse before proceeding with recipe. 

-Days to germination: 3-10 days. Days to maturity: 65 days from transplant.

-25 seeds

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Lillian Edwards. Lillian's work of art uses the texture of banana leaf paper as a backdrop for the plants and fruit, which are illustrated with gesso, India ink, and acrylic. The leaf paper lends a realistic feeling to the husks of the tomatillos.