• Silverleaf Sunflower Seed Pack
  • Silverleaf Sunflower Seed Pack

Silverleaf Sunflower Seed Pack

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This stunning sunflower is native to the Texas Gulf Coast. These produce profuse golden flowers that float above a sea of silvery gray-green leaves. The contrast between the blooms and the leaves is spectacular; it is hard to believe one plant can pair such striking tones together in such abundance. They are, as the artwork highlights, truly celestial.

-Sow seeds 2-3 per foot, then thin to 12" spacing when seedlings are established. Grows quickly, up to 15' high: may require staking to support. Plant where they will not shade out other full-sun crops. If seed heads are left on the plant, local birds will happily gobble up the seeds.

-Days to maturity: 60 days.

-100 seeds

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Lachlan Herrick. Lachlan combined oil painting and digital illustration techniques to achieve the sublime beauty of this sunflower portrait. The depiction incorporates several armadillos against a subtropical skyline both nods to this plant's Gulf Coast origins.