• Tiger Paw Aster Flower Seed Pack

Tiger Paw Aster Flower Seed Pack

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These seeds are packaged for the 2022 growing season.

Running a little late in the season for planting? Don't worry! Most annual flowers can be sown through July! 

This flower has a long, involved name that reflects its long, involved journey from Asia to your garden. Let's break it down. The Latin shows that this is not a true aster but a flower originally from China. Tiger Paw represents the claw-like incurving quilled petals, and suggests the White Tiger constellation in Chinese astrology that symbolizes the west and autumn. Result: this flower crossed the seas from east to west to bring its tiger claw petals to your late summer and fall garden. Let it roar!

Makes a great cut flower. Blooms reach 24" in height and 4" in diameter at maturity.

-Sow 6-8 weeks before last spring frost, but can be planted through late July. Seed in flats, then pot to a bigger cell. Provide fertile potting mix, and keep from over- or underwatering. Transplant when 3-4" tall.

-Days to germination: 10-14 days.

-Days to maturity: 80 days

-100 seeds

-Certified Organic

Artwork by Ayumi Horie. Studio potter, Ayumi Horie, loved working with her hands early on as her Japanese family gardened and cooked in Maine. In 2011 she co-organized Handmade For Japan to raise money for disaster relief in Japan.