• ***UPDATED*** TRL


OK, you guys hit me with more requests than the number of people I thought were on tonight. I think I have at least one special request I can fill live. I've tried to respond to everyone, but there were so many messages that came through all at once that the system was sending messages to the wrong people. It got glitchy. So, if that happened to you just shoot me an email and I will address your request on our Thursday Overstock Sale (you will absolutely never have any pressure from me to buy, so don't feel shy if you want to see something). 

So, I'm going to knock out those two requests -- again, Jenet, Michelle no pressure... rare succulents are as individual as the people who purchase them, so if these don't work for you no worries from me. Then I'm going to list a freebie for those of you who are tired -- this is a really nice freebie, so she might be our last tonight (unless I'm just feeling particularly generous at the end of this upload). Then I will list the other twelve, but at my own pace. I may grab a little coffee. 

See you back here in five with those requests.