• Wish Bubble Bath (Lollia)

Wish Bubble Bath (Lollia)

Set your senses abuzz with Wish, a lively mixture of warm Vanilla Bean and Rice Flower laced in layers of Sugared Pastille. Counter notes of Ylang Ylang and  Amber round out the fragrance. It's a treat for the senses and smells so yummy you'll want a cupcake after. 

Key ingredients include plant-based products such as olive and avocado oil, botanical extracts from lavender flower, a touch of aloe vera for its world renown moisturizing effects and just a kiss of honey.

The bottle itself is a chubby glass decanter sprinkled with gold leaf honeybees, accented with pale baby blue wings -- it is so pretty you'll be using it for a peony vase after enjoying its contents.

-999.5 ml-