This category will be made live at 12:01 AM, EST on Friday, November 27, 2020. 


We are anticipating listing one plant every 5-8 minutes (we are giving a range at this moment because we are still waiting on some last minute shipments to arrive and our exact timing between listings may change a little if anything is delayed). We will update with the exact interval in between listings when the category is made live. 

We will have one non-plant 'Just Cart' every hour to keep things fun and to introduce you to some of our new retail products. These 'Just Carts' will be $1 to whomever carts them first. Please no more than two 'Just Carts' per customer, please help us to keep this fair.  

Coupon Code this year will be: BLACKFRIDAY2020 

You will need to enter this code on the last page of the checkout screen. We are unable to price adjust orders that did not use the code. You must enter the code yourself in order to get the 30% off. Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration.

For the next 24 hours this coupon code is good on anything on our site (yes, including gift cards!). Gift cards are issued manually and are non-refundable, so make sure that you really want a gift card before making a purchase. Since gift cards have to be issued by hand we will not be issuing gift cards until Tuesday, December 3rd (this will coincide with the grand opening of our Requests site). Gift cards are a great way to get 'Black Friday' prices all year long. 

Finally because of how delayed USPS has been as of late we feel it is imperative to get as many of our packages out by Monday each week as possible. Since the Monday following Black Friday is Cyber Monday that puts our shipping schedule for all Black Friday weekend purchases one week behind. That said, we will be shipping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, White Peacocks and Cyber Monday orders on Monday, December 7th and Tuesday, December 8th. 


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