Rare Succulents

If you would like text notifications when these products go live please text SUCCS to 1-833-77-CEDAR (3327)

Our next scheduled upload to this category is scheduled for:
Sale Upload on July 3rd at 9:45 PM, Eastern. This will be our last upload before autumn. We will continue to ship retail orders all summer long <3
Use code: CCFJULY4TH on absolutely everything-- including Gift Cards (just remember we will not have any scheduled live uploads again until the fall) and retail products
Please make sure you are aware of our policy changes around shipping.
***PLEASE NOTE! Our succulents sell out very, very quickly. If you are a new customer and are unfamiliar with how our site works you must you checkout for your purchases as you go, otherwise you risk losing your items if someone else checks out first. A lot of these plants are very, very rare or one of a kind so it's first come, first serve. You will not be required to pay for shipping during the upload, but we will bill you for shipping about 24-48 hours after the upload for any purchases made. This is a new policy that is effective May 7th, 2021. From this point forward our default shipping carrier is UPS. Thank you so much for your understanding.