Sale Succulents 

These succulents either shipped a bit sad or we didn't feel like their grower photos were an accurate representation of their post-transit condition. Each plant is rated on a 10-point scale (these are all 5+ above, anything lower and you'll see it on our next The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sale, which usually happens on the 4th of July).

Our next scheduled upload to this category is scheduled for:

Our next scheduled upload is Sunday, April 18th 2021, upload will start at about 9:45 PM, EDT and will be live. We anticipate having about 30 Sale Succulents on this upload.
***PLEASE NOTE! Our succulents sell out very, very quickly. If you are a new customer and are unfamiliar with how our site works you must you checkout for your purchases as you go, otherwise you risk losing your items if someone else checks out first. A lot of these plants are very, very rare or one of a kind so it's first come, first serve. Plants ship free, so there's never a worry about combined shipping. 
If you would like text notifications when these products go live please text SUCCS to 900-900 (we will not text you after 9:45 PM Eastern unless you give us permission to do so).