Community Chat

Chat with us live during the upload!

We have always been passionate about connecting with our customers and we want to invite you to share in the fun of getting to know one another during our live uploads. For this reason, we have a small forum on our site so we can chat with you in real time during the upload. It's completely free to join! It's a great place to ask questions about succulent care from other passionate collectors.

You are welcome to share whatever information you'd like via our Community! The only thing that isn't tolerated is negative discussions about any other succulent business. This industry is difficult and there are a lot of inherent challenges to being successful in it, so we truly want to support our peers and only share positive information about others.

Sometimes we share information in real time about our uploads, so this is an important place to check in during the course of the upload (if you have any questions about the plants or when we might have more of something that is sold out). And we do share our Just Cart info via the community as well.

We've made lifelong friends through our Community and have really gotten to know some of our customers and that just means so much to us! We really hope you will join us live for a future upload so we can say hi and get to know you better too!