About Us

How we got our start

Cedar Creek Farmhouse is a small family-owned business. My name is Crystal and I'm the owner-- it's really nice to 'meet' you! My Mema (yup, I'm a Southern girl) taught me about succulents when I was a small child. She showed me how to do leaf propagations and explained it by telling me that you can create something truly special by sharing a little piece of yourself. She was a really beautiful person.

When succulents became super trendy, around 2016, a friend of mine asked if my local nursery had any echeverias for sale. And if so, would I be willing to ship him a few. And so I did and I really enjoyed shipping something that meant so much to me as a child through the mail to a good friend.

In late 2016, we lost my precious Mema to an ongoing battle with cancer. Combined with the loss of my own child to cancer, followed by yet another death in my family, I sunk to into a really sad place of loss. My friend encouraged me to start a succulent collection of my own and when my first little leaf propagations started to become miniature plants, it occurred to me that the love my Mema showed me as a child had already been planted and would be a part of me forever as well.

Caring for these plants became a quiet time of reflection in my own life and it is something that I wanted to share with others.

By autumn of 2017, I wanted to ship to more friends. I found each person I met had their own reasons that drove their passion for these unique little plants. I opened Cedar Creek Farmhouse in January 2018 and it very rapidly grew into what Cedar Creek Farmhouse is today.

This was never meant to be a large business and we've had our share of hiccups learning to manage a high-volume succulent business and nursery, but we've built something we're really proud of. We still view each plant as something very special and we always feel we're shipping to friends.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse today

We are still the quintessential small business you'd expect. We have a very small staff consisting of family and close friends and we work long hours. We still put our heart and soul into everything that we do. We take a lot of pride in our plants and we genuinely care about our customers. We have shipped well over 18,000 packages to date.

We are a registered commercial nursery and licensed grower in the State of Alabama. We have done all of the certifications and testing required to ship to all 50 states. We are subject to regular inspections and testing to make sure our facilities continue to meet these requirements. Our little facility has been designed specifically with succulents in mind and is not your average greenhouse. By autumn of 2022 we anticipate having the capacity to house and grow about 8,000 plants in cultivation at any given time.

We still employ the use of a specialized cold room for dormancy conditioning, colorization and quarantine before shipping.

We do occasional pop-up events to meet customers in person, and we plan to open our first in-person retail store by summer of 2023.

We started in Atlanta, Georgia, but traded in big city life for winding country roads and sprawling pecan orchards. We are now located in Fairhope, Alabama (a small town that is every bit as charming in person as would imagine).

A special thank you

We just wanted to take a moment here to acknowledge that we would have never gotten to where we are today without our customers. Some of you have been shopping with us from our first upload and that is still incredible to us. We've appreciated your patience as we learned the business and we feel truly honored to have such a special community of folks supporting us. It truly means a lot to us and we are incredibly humbled by the support and love you guys have shown us over the years.